Kamisama Hajimemashita (Anime)

Alternate Title: Nice to meet you, God!, Kamisama Kiss

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

Author: Suzuki Jullieta

Studio: TMS Intertainment

Director: Akitaro Daichi

Hana to Yume officially announced that Kamisama Hajimemashita manga get animated! Onion Head Emoticons 42

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Love Stage!! (Manga)

Title: Love Stage!!

Story: Eiki Eiki

Artist: Zaou Taishi

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Yaoi

Lately I have been crazy with Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki manga because of this manga! Onion Head Emoticons 62 For your information, Zaou Taishi (or also known as Tsuda Mikiyo) and Eiki Eiki are yaoi mangakas. They get along well (almost 16 years) and I love their beautiful arts.Onion Head Emoticons 36 Continue reading

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Hetalia: Nordics Character Songs!

The Nordics

Hetalia.com has been announced that Nordics Countries Character song CD will be released at June 25th but the songs itself will be released at June 31th in other words that was yesterday ! Being a Hetalia fangirl, I’m very excited when I heard this. Onion Head Emoticons 7 They also announced the title of the characters song, いつもそばに…北欧ファイブ! (Itsumo Soba ni…Hokuou Five! / Always With You…Nordic Five!).   Continue reading

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The Language Setting

Yeah.. yeah, I know that some of you will tell me why I made this stupid post, but I think that this is important enough.MSN Onion Emoticons  So as you can see, from now on I’ll write in this blog using English as the main language. I don’t want to say that my English is magnificent, because really.. my grammar as suck as an egg.  Onion Icons But I realized that not so many peoples have a knowledge about my mother language aka. Indonesian. So yeah.. Monkey Icons Yoyo

Well then, welcome to the New Kurara’s Blog minna! I hope you enjoy the post~Monkey Winks Yoyo

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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi 2nd Season

Alternate Title: The Greatest First Love in The World

Genre: Romance, Humor, Yaoi

Author: Nakamura Shungiku

Studio: DEEN
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Movie)

Alternative Title: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Hurt/Comfort

Directed by: Akayuki Shinbo

Studio: Shaft
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Share Vocaloid Song!

Karena ada yang minta saya untuk share lagu-lagu Vocaloid, maka saya akhirnya buat post ini. MSN Onion Icon
Ini adalah list dari lagu-lagu Vocaloid yang saya sukai. Hope you enjoy it! Onion Icon Continue reading

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